Welcome to Mr.Colocation

Welcome to Mr. Colocation

The demand for multi-tenant data centers in San Diego has been growing exponentially in recent years. Mr. Colocation has been created in order to assist businesses in finding the best deals in San Diego as well as Phoenix in the data center space. The data centers with whom we partner own 54% of the market share in San Diego which provides us with a large amount of leverage in order to provide you with the most advantageous deal possible. With extensive experience helping firms relocate their data center we are not only able to save companies a significant amount of money but have the ability to provide you with more operational efficiencies as well. We specialize in the following areas:

  • Helping reduce the complexity of infrastructure management while creating better operational efficiencies
  • Providing secure, scalable platforms that allow your organization to focus on your core competencies and key business initiatives
  • Providing cost savings from reduced capital costs, lower energy consumption, improved system management, and streamlined change management/ITIL.  We are typically able to show you an ROI in less than a year
  • Providing cost predictability in an area that typically has frequent, expensive, unexpected costs.
  • We specialize in working with life sciences and bio-tech firms and are aware of all data storage mandates and the penalties for non-compliance.  The outsourced data center solutions we provide, in most cases, offer more stringent physical and virtual control and security than most in-house facilities
  • Our solutions provide facilities with full-time professionals along with 24 x 7 monitoring which typically equates to more security than companies have internally
  • The consolidation of your equipment and hardware within a multi-million dollar colocation facility can typically eliminate the need for expensive hardware requirements (Cisco routers, etc.).  We can also help you identify systems that can be retired or outsourced.
  • Our access to managed and professional services offerings can help you consolidate all of your outsourced data center needs within a single provider.
  • Access to geographical disaster recovery and business continuity options within Phoenix provide you with a single network to connect all of your facilities (Phoenix is well-known as one of the most disaster neutral areas in the US and provides you with the ideal location for optimal up-time guarantees).
  • Scalability allows a high-growth company to handle peaks in their IT business needs and not have to worry about employing their own dedicated group to handle the power, cooling, and connectivity needs.
  • We have a reputation for crafting exceptional infrastructure solutions tailored to your unique requirements
  • Our experience and contacts within the IT industry in San Diego and Phoenix give you access to the best options for colocation, connectivity, metro Ethernet circuits, dark fiber, as well as disaster recovery, business continuity, and cloud computing options.