Welcome to Mr.Colocation


Not all data centers in Phoenix are created equal.  If you are committed to maintaining your IT infrastructure in a fully operational and constantly available facility, then you need to contact Mr. Colocation.  We set aside a large amount of time and resources in the Phoenix are to be certain that our client's infrastructure is housed in the best facilities available.

Reasons to use Mr. Colocation in Phoenix:

  • Customer service – you will be provided a dedicated representative to manage the sales process, project management, delivery, and contract negotiation.
  • Access to robust, network available facilities, to meet your business needs.
  • Knows the providers with industry compliant certifications – including SAS70 Type II, PCI, HIPAA,
    HI-TECH, Etc.

100% Service Level Guarantee:

As the premier IT service broker in the Phoenix area, Mr. Colocation's solid advice is provided by a regionally experienced account manager who knows the costs involved and will be able to negotiate your best prices.  To prove our commitment to excellence, we don't charge you a penny.  We pledge a 100% guarantee to customer satisfaction and will only get paid when we find a provider that fits your needs and your budget.