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Phoenix Business Continuity

Not all business risks can be avoided and some feel that downtime is inevitable.  We here at Mr. Colocation believe that a proper business continuity plan can eliminate the risk of downtime.  Events that you can't control, for instance:  natural disasters, human error, hardware failure, power outages, etc. can bring your system down at any time.  If you calculate the hourly or daily costs of being offline, the dollar amounts can be significant.  Mr. Colocation can help you develop a business continuity plan to be certain you don't feel this pain.

Storage integrity and recoverability is mission critical to the success of your business continuity plan.  The ability to quickly regain access to company and client data and re-establish your business processes will depend on the ability of your network and storage systems.  Mr. Colocation can deliver strategies and storage solutions that will help you get through any disaster without service interruption.  Mr. Colocation will develop solutions that can assist you in avoiding downtime and eliminating its impact.  Our solutions can combine hardware, software, infrastructure, and managed services to allow your organization maintain up-time and data integrity
during a catastrophe.

We will provide you solutions with multiple layers of redundancy to eliminate the risk of disruptions to key business operations.  We can include data mirroring across multiple data centers so that your information remains protected and available if either site goes down.  We can provide multiple solutions that let you choose the cost/service balance that is best for your company.  By balancing the cost of downtime with the cost of the solution we propose, we will help you select the optimal and most cost effective solution available to you.  Please contact us today for a free evaluation.