Welcome to Mr.Colocation

Phoenix Metro Ethernet

Mr. Colocation is a metro ethernet, dark fiber, T1, and connectivity consulting and brokerage firm.  We perform audits on client's internet and point to point connections.  When we perform an audit we provide recommendations on ways you can get the most for your dollar.  We are experts in voice, data, MPLS, and dedicated internet connections.  Mr. Colocation has relationships with multiple telecom carriers nationwide, therefore we always have the product that fits your company's needs and budget.  Instead of trying to fit you into a single product or service, we determine your business needs and recommend a provider that fits your company the best.

Why Mr. Colocation?

  • Experience – We come with extensive sales experience working with local telecom providers.  Now we work on your behalf to provide you with the best options available.
  • Time Savings – we contact multiple providers in the area and have access to wholesale rates.  This saves you the time from contacting each provider individually and gives you the economies of scale that working with a broker provides.
  • Negotiations – Mr. Colocation negotiates from a position of strength that gives you the best products at the best prices.  Be certain that you get the most internet, bandwidth, and voice services for your money by letting us contact our deep portfolio of providers.