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San Diego Business Continuity

Developing a business continuity plan for your information technology network is essential to comprehensive disaster recovery preparedness and can protect you from the financial repercussions of data loss and downtime.  When a disaster strikes, having a business continuity plan in place can completely eliminate outages and data loss, saving you thousands of dollars and allowing your business to continue operations uninterrupted throughout the incident.  While most businesses depends on network and IT infrastructure availability for their livelihood most companies neglect DR and BC planning.  In the event of a disaster, a key component of any company's business continuity plan is having a facility or multiple facilities that not only provide office and operation space, but also a robust and redundant network connection to partners, vendors, remote offices, and key applications hosted by other parties.  At Mr. Colocation, our focus is to provide independent advisory services.  This gives us the ability to evaluate your business continuity positions objectively and make recommendations based on where you are, and where you want to be.

Business Continuity Services

  • Mr. Colocation will identify the points of exposure and areas of concern as well as propose proactive solutions.
  • We will show you how to mitigate risks associated with implementing a business continuity plan
  • We will show you how to leverage the investment in your current backup site by creating a mirrored production site that can make use of idle resources.
  • If you choose one of our recommended solutions we will continue to provide our expert consulting services at no charge.

If your business systems, applications, and databases are always available, then your customers, employees, and partners can access what they need from your business – supporting your success and reinforcing your competitive advantages.  Allow Mr. Colocation to ensure that this service continues uninterrupted in the future.