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San Diego Cloud Computing

In the tech world, the big buzz word right now is “cloud computing,” but what is cloud computing?  There are a few key essential characteristics:

  • On demand self service – having the ability to provide computing capabilities remotely (i.e., server time, network storage, etc) without the need for any person to person interaction
  • Broad network access – having the ability to make the network available through any platform, (i.e., smart phones, PCs, lap tops, etc.)
  • Resource pooling – the service provider offers the resources to multiple consumers with the provider having the capability to assign the resources based on end-user needs.  There is a sense that the information is coming from a “cloud” since the consumer has no need to know where the resources are actually coming from.  These resources can include storage, processing power, RAM, bandwidth, and virtual hardware.
  • Rapid elasticity – Resources can be easily provisioned, oftentimes instantaneously, for easily scalable solutions.  It should appear to the end-user that there is an unlimited amount of resources available and can be purchased in any amount whenever they choose.
  • Measured service – these systems which reside in the “cloud” are designed to control and maximize resource use by using some sort of metering device or software.  In this way, the usage of any and all resources can be easily monitored, reported, and controlled, to provide both end-users and service providers the ability to easily discern the usage of services provided.

Mr. Colocation can provide options for any type of cloud based service.  We also specialize in cloud storage and cloud email services.  Some of the highlights of a cloud based storage service include:

  • Easily scalable – from 500GB of storage to multiple TBs or PBs - there is no restriction
  • Security – the data transmission is protected at every level, transmission, storage, and access
  • Up to 8 sites of replication – can store your data in up to 8 global facilities
  • Fully managed – no hardware of software to maintain
  • Affordable – options for as little as $0.25/GB

We can also provide you with a robust and completely managed cloud based email service which includes:

  • Compatible with any and all email readers i.e. Outlook, Thunderbird, Entourage, etc.
  • Calendars and webmail
  • Anti-spam and anti-virus
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Synchronization with all current smart phone devices i.e. iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry

Please call or email for pricing options