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San Diego Metro Ethernet

Many companies require a metro Ethernet circuit delivered via fiber in order to obtain internet connectivity or point to point backdoor connections to other facilities or a data center.  If this is a service that your company requires there are many options in San Diego in which to choose.  Mr. Colocation works with all of the local telco providers which allows us to find you the best deal possible.  We currently have a relationship with:

  • AT&T
  • TelePacific
  • Cox
  • XO
  • Level 3
  • Time Warner
  • TW Telecom

This allows us to leverage our relationship as well as our history of providing them new business to get you a better quote than you would be able to obtain on your own.  Our partners provide all of the hardware necessary to make your connection.  You don't need to worry about purchasing routers or circuits with this service as we will come to your site and provide installation and the use of the gear at no charge.  Our providers can deliver a metro Ethernet circuit in as little as 5Mbps increments all the way up to multiple gigs.  We can also find diverse paths through multiple partners in order to facilitate a sonet ring formation to eliminate the chances for outage incidents.  Our connections allow us to peer with over eighty networks and have direct connections into One Wilshire and 120 E. Van Buren, the major POPs in southern California and Phoenix.  Our partners will continually monitor your routers to ensure maximum performance.  If you would like us to provide you with pricing please contact us right away!